Tuesday, August 10, 2010

on corsetry and tricks of the trade

First - I found out a more fool-proof way of making paper.

Everyone says that after sifting the mesh through the pulpy water, you should flip it over a piece of cloth, and then proceed to sponge out the excess water.  Well, I was sometimes having problems un-sticking the paper from the cloth, especially when I wanted a finer end product, resulting in paper like this -

So I found out that by putting ANOTHER screen on top of the existing cloth, and THEN flipping over the paper-and-mesh on top of that, problem solved.  I can squeeze away with my sponge, but the paper won't stick to the cloth, no matter how hard I press.  Because paper bits are very easy to remove from screens.  I'm so happy about that now, beautiful paper here I come! :D

Second business of the morning -

I drafted out a new corset pattern yesterday, by drafting out the princess seams from another pattern, and trial and error with paper....anyway, I had the whole thing cut out and stuff.

It looks somewhat like this:

with straps pinned in place - and not.

AND, I have boning this time.  So this morning I finished sewing in the channels to put the boning (plastic, 1/2") and inserted the boning!  I'm so excited!  It's going to be really nice, because this way the top will be nice and stiff, and it won't crinkle up in the wrong places...

(me holding it together - I haven't put in back lacing yet).

So I made the boning lines somewhat in accordance with one of the costumes from The Tudors (I don't watch the show, I just look at the pictures later...)

(from costumersguide.com)

I think this way uses the least amount of boning (even so, I used more than three yards of it!) - and I like the lines - more than these kind -

Anway, that's all for today...I'm back to my sewing!

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