Thursday, November 10, 2011


Doesn't Cecil Beaton look like such a distinguished gentleman here?

Beaton by Irving Penn, 1951

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

this is also old

Obligatory Saab post (Paris Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2012 "Colour Shock").

Not a groundbreaking collection, but gorgeous all the same!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

this is old, but oh well.

Favorites from Project Runway finale, season 9.

Anya's collection was my favorite, overall.  When the music came on and the first dress went down the runway, I was enthralled.  Sure, it was a one-dimensional collection, but it was beautiful.

I also really liked Viktor's stuff.  The problem was that he had two opposing themes going on in his collection...If only he had stuck with his original ideas and not added all the random sheer stuff...

Great compilation of all collections on

Saturday, November 5, 2011

neuron art

Scientific illustration is a lost art.  Back in the day, when scientists didn't have cameras to take pictures of microscope images or anatomy, they drew.  And those drawings are some of my favorites - think Gray's anatomy-level detail.

Greg Dunn is one of those people bringing back the art of scientific images.  He's a neuroscientist working on his doctorate at UPenn, and paints neurons in the Asian sumi-e style on the side.  His works are so free...and yet so incredibly, meticulously, thought out.  It's pure elegance.

Glomerulus, commissioned by the University of Pennsylvania 

Synaptogenesis (the new Creation of Adam, anyone?)

Cerebral Cortex 

Retina I (probably my favorite)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

thank you for the music

My parents didn't really listen to ABBA when I was little, and so when the Mamma Mia! musical came out when I was in middle school, I naturally memorized the soundtrack (London cast) and not the original songs.  In fact, I listened to that CD so much that I've memorized all the little bits of dialogue embedded in the music and know the track listing order by heart...

The movie was not my favorite as far as soundtracks go, but there's one song that I really do enjoy - Amanda Seyfried's rendition of "Thank You For The Music."  It's not in the actual movie - it's a hidden track played at the end - but there's some mesmerizing, easy quality about it.  I can almost picture her on some stage in a long shimmering dress (gold?), nothing but her, the spotlight, and the pianist.

I'm also just putting a bunch of posts in the queue...yay lunch breaks (when else do you have time to relax for half an hour?!).  It's been a bad week, and my weekend is bound to be busy busy busy.  Don't you just love exams on a Monday?!