Monday, August 23, 2010

guitar + new camera

finally got a new coolpix L110.  haven't moved on the the really serious camera stage yet.  but this one is pretty nice, because it has like a 15x zoom.  and is, in general, way nicer than my other camera.  so that's what i've been up to this afternoon.  experimenting.

oh, and as it turns out, the calluses i'm getting from guitar are helping me with violin...because it seems that you only get minor calluses on your fingers from violin if you practice multiple hours a day.  which i do not do.  so by playing guitar i am benefiting my violin

[guitar-computer-painted toenails-bedroom floor; story of my week...]

easy songs list -
+this is not a test (she & him)
+you belong with me (taylor swift)
+rule the world (take that)
+the show (lenka)
+the winner takes it all (abba)

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