Friday, August 13, 2010

almost done...i wanna do something new anyway.

I got this giant cardboard-y paper at Costco for free - the kind that they somehow use for packing between boxes or something.  This was supposed to be my hour-a-day, two-week project.  Something new, since I have never painted anything this big before.  Just for fun, with practice I will (hopefully) get better, and acrylic paints are cheap.  Well, that daily project thing didn't quite work, considering I often switch gears and want to try something new.  So much for continuity.  It ended up being more like a month-long project, and I mostly finished today.  Well, it's not perfect, or finished, but I'll just call it finished for now.  I finished the hats anyway.  I based my painting off this black and white picture from that book on beauty through the decades, or something.

Anyway, back when I was doing the painting on a daily basis (all to the soundtrack of the lovely Madeleine Peyroux), I tracked my progress through pictures taken at the end of each session.  Like, 1-2 hour intervals.

So basically this is like the fast-forward let's-watch-a-plant-grow video.  But with painting.

I'm not too fond of these hats....

oh darn. i just remembered i forgot to fix the arm of the lady on the right.  oh well.

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