Thursday, August 12, 2010

braided coaster/placemat/trivet + memories of a t-shirt

I have always been fascinated with braided rugs (I even started to make one - albeit a very a crude one - when I was little).  But they generally look so old-fashioned and country-ish!

New idea - use cool color scheme.  Like, black+white+red.  That way, it looks more modern...and I'm not going for an entire rug...a trivet will be good enough, thank you very much!  If it turns out I'll give it to my sister for her condo :)

I love the material together - especially the black and white patterned strip with the red!

Inspiration of this morning - a way to use up old t-shirts.  I used a really old t-shirt that I had painted on when I was little, for practice.

oh the memories...

making the first cut...always the scariest!

a rectangle cut from the front - and two rectangles of the same width cut from the back.

there! (whoops, got a random bit of my knee in there...)

and pinned together...okay, I lied - the whole thing wasn't long enough for me, so I cut out another rectangle from the front.

Now all I have to do is sew the bits together (I think I'll use flat-felled seams?), and...a comfy scarf!  There you have it!

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