Tuesday, August 3, 2010

morning at malibu + the boyfriend blazer project

out of summer school at last! and the first good grade that i've seen in...well, too long.

this morning we drove over to malibu and went walking on the beach.  just my kind of beach - sandy, but with lots of beautiful rocks and kelp and stuff to keep it interesting.
the fog was amazing...

and i love the houses on the beach...

although the undersides of them may just be infinitely more interesting.


...and random bit of dead lobster or something.

changing the subject.

later, this afternoon i got a chance to start catching up with my sewing projects, etc.

today's project - fixing up my mom's old blazer jacket that i found at the bottom of my dress-up bin in my closet a few weeks ago (during The Cleaning Frenzy, and yes, i still have a dress-up bin).  the jacket was nice, but HUGE.  i wore it for a day and then realized that it looked ridiculous on me.  apparently i have an unusually small back, so everything is always too big right around there.  the solution - opening up the back side seams...and cutting.

aaahh!  hopefully i'm not in over my head....

all pinned up...and the proper bits cut off.


(couldn't get a good back view because, well, one can only do so much when the only thing available is a mirror...)

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