Thursday, March 31, 2011

the wallace collection

I was able to pop in to see the Wallace Collection in London last week.

That was, of course, after a half-hour delay in getting there - who would have known that it would be so hard to find Manchester Square when you're literally two blocks away from it.  (wandering down Marylebone High St - "Oh, the Wallace Collection.  It's a lovely place! Yes, I've been there.  You're quite close.  I'm not quite sure where it is,'re quite close!").

They have a fantastic armoury (definitely my favorite part of the museum!  My appreciation for 17th and 18th century art is sadly limited, and I have to be in the correct mood to even want to really scrutinize a Watteau for more than a minute in the first place - which is too bad, because they're currently showing a lovely Watteau exhibit).

Anyway, I spent a good half hour in the European armoury room.

I learned about the German 'gothic' style of armour, which had fluted surfaces and was pretty bold in general.  I saw a set of armour and an armoured horse!  I examined the exquisite hilts of swords!  Wow.  I've always had a fascination for armour, and this just piqued my interest.

I love how, even near the busiest places like Oxford Street, there are these pockets of peace and quiet.

Marylebone high street


  1. The Wallace collection is fabulous. Taht is why i decided to live nearby!
    Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lucky you!
    Thanks for the comment :)