Friday, April 8, 2011

give back the funk

The problem, it would seem, with being an arts editor, and a full on science major on top of that, is that there is a huge tendency to fall into an artistic funk.

I'm not complaining; I love what I'm doing this semester.  It's amazing to be part of the probably imaginary club of I-edit-therefore-I-am.  This is not meant to sound self-important in any way; it is what is is: I just happen to like this administrative stuff more than I thought I would, and as stressful it is to go about half the week wondering if people are actually going to pull through and submit their content, it is also incredibly rewarding and exciting every Friday when the issue comes out and I can say to myself, "wow, I helped organize this."  On the same note, I am now fully immersed in my major, and the psychology, cognition, and brain science classes that I'm taking are all so interesting.

However - when one is caught up in this endless circle of answering press emails, editing articles (sometimes in class...), and, yes, studying brains, it's much too easy to get caught up into the said artistic funk.

No joke, I may actually be starting to miss my art history class from last semester.  Reading fifty pages about the Orientalist movement in the 19th century?  Only a small price to pay for getting to watch slides of beautiful paintings three times a week.

I end up sifting through arts emails wistfully, wishing I could make the opening of Boston Ballet's production of the Nutcracker, or something from Boston Lyric Opera, or the new exhibit at the ICA, or at the MFA, or......

Anyway, enough of me ranting about life.

It's beautiful and sunny outside, and MIT is full of happy prefrosh visiting for CPW (campus preview weekend)!

Hopefully I'll have a semi-artistically-inspired post sometime soon.

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