Sunday, April 17, 2011

don't banq on it!

(sorry, bad pun).

So it's nearing the end of yet another school year.  Only about a month left!  Which means that I need to start thinking about the traditional end-of-month arts staff bonding dinner.  Last night the thought popped up in my head (again), and this time I had an idea.  I remember seeing this really awesome restaurant during one of our tours of Boston for architecture studio class.  And didn't remember the name.  Thankfully, my friend apparently has mad googling skills.

me: ...that architecturally cool place we stopped by on one of our 4.111 tours. Gr, I don't remember what it's called. But it had all those cool undulating waves of wood or something inside? Maybe in the south end?

jenny:  i just googled "boston restaurant undulating waves" and it came up!  BANQ

yeah, unfortunately Banq closed a few years ago.  And the restaurant that came after it, Ginger Park, just closed in December.  My restaurant search continues!

Anyway, at least I can marvel over pictures of the interior (and maybe a new restaurant will open there, and we can go next year...).

Later this afternoon is my MFA day.  I'll get to finally see the Chihuly glass sculptures!  So excited.  Pictures to be posted later :)

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