Friday, March 4, 2011

extra time please?

Sometimes I wish I could just quit my day job and have lots of artsy fun.  To be more specific - I love my classes, but who likes to do homework?!  I would rather just go arts event hopping around Boston, and write about them.  I keep on getting all these press mailings that I want to go to, but can't, because I have class...or too much work...or symphony practice.

just a few of the things going on in Boston over the next few weeks/month:

MFA - Photography from the Bank of America collection
(plus I still haven't seen the Scaasi exhibit)

ICA - I love this place!  Modern art is not my fave, but I'm learning to appreciate it (ok, I admit, some modern art can make me quite pensive. as long as it's more than a square painted on a piece of canvas).  Plus, the architecture of the building is fantastic.

Harvard art museums - never been.....I want to go....

Boston Lyric Opera - never been to one of these performances, but it looks like it would be a lot of fun.

Charlestown working theatre - Blackadder II on stage!  I have my doubts about such a thought! (the original was so.......unique), but still curious. opens April 8

April 9 - KT Tunstall concert in Boston - Paradise Rock Club!
I sooooo want to go.  Why do I have to have a test the following Tuesday?  Maybe I'll go anyway....

plus movies coming out -
Jane Eyre!  hated the book, really want to see the movie.  My main problem with the book was that he was so much older than her, anyway.  They look more well-matched in this new adaptation.

I started out as one of those museum exhibit reviewers, but now I really have this urge to expand my repertoire and write about other stuff - I already have exhibit review,  album review, and movie review under my belt.  Currently in the works is a review of Google art project - hopefully it won't be too late by the time I have it written (it's far too hectic over here!).

oh, life.

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