Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[on coloring]

40 giant toads to be painted and put around Hull to celebrate the poetry of philip larkin...

i'm not particularly familiar with any of larkin's works, but this photograph popped up on the bbc website, and there's something fascinating about the toads.  they remind me a bit of the painted elephants in london.

it's funny how much personality identical animal shapes gain when they are painted.  it's like those picture frames we all colored in kindergarten to give to our mothers for mothers day, albeit with a bit more refinement.  i don't know if i can say the same about the toads, since i haven't seen them in real life, but the elephants were the kind that you would just want to hug when you pose in front of the camera.  who can resist?


  1. It's very kitsch but it's very funny, and vice versa!

    Thanks a lot for sharing.


  2. glad you liked it!
    it reminds me of summertime, for sure :)