Saturday, June 5, 2010

elizabethan stays part two!

so in the time that i should have been, i don't know, cleaning my room or writing a review of the v&a's exhibition on grace kelly, i made two more elizabethan bodices (well, halfway at least).

the first, longer than the very first one that i made (it was too short before); the second, the same but with tabs (because tabs just look so much cooler).

the thing is, now i actually have to put boning in the tabbed one, as is meant to be, or else the tabs stick out at odd angles.

and that's not going to happen anytime soon.

oh, well, a project for next summer then?

hm, the back even mostly comes together when i lace it up!  better sizing indeed :)

i'm also beginning to think that this material looks not too different from the curtains that maria used to make the children's playsuits in the sound of music.  oh well, i didn't buy it anyway.  i'll have to thank my aunt's closet for that one.

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