Saturday, June 5, 2010

my elizabethan corset, number one (because there will be more).

yesterday, after a visit to winston churchill's house in kent, and a week of satisfying but comfortably boring sewing projects of clothes i would actually wear in real life , i went back to my costuming (see, the problem with making normal clothes is, I'm not a particularly adventurous dresser; i don't like to stick out as this flamboyant fashionista, so my "normal" sewing projects invariably involve the same old lines and patterns).

yes, a one-hour elizabethan corset is adventurous for me.  i drew out a pattern as instructed by the amazing online custom corset pattern generator, and here we are, my first attempt at anything remotely resembling elizabethan-style clothing.  granted, i put neither a busk nor boning in the thing.  the material was thick enough, i inserted some very heavy interfacing, and, well, good enough.  this was just a test of the pattern anyway.  (plus, i couldn't imagine wearing anything with a large panel of wood down the center - sitting, i'm sure, would be uncomfortable, if even possible).

it turned out better than i though (and very tight...).  i ended up achieving a reasonable degree of elizabethan profile.  even without the boning and such, it really smoothed out my torso and made me look teeny!  but you know, it was actually pretty comfortable (after i finished struggling to lace up the back by myself).  good for the posture as well, i should think.

(amazing how something that small could actually fit all the way around me...)

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