Monday, March 8, 2010

oscar snazzies

as always, one of my favourite parts of the fashion year.

i was very proud of myself for recognizing rachel mcadam's saab couture dress. (remember this?).  good to know that it looked as lovely off the runway as it did on.

another saab, this time on anna kendrick.  it's too bad it blends in with her skin so much, because the whole draping thing is gorgeous.

cameron diaz's oscar de la renta look was rather beautiful.  the whole shininess thing reminds me of reese witherspoon's vintage dior from 2006 oscars ...well, maybe not really, but anyway.  i loved both dresses!

and i loved loved loved penelope cruz's donna karan gown.  would it be a travesty to say that, one, it kind of reminds me of keira knightley's vera wang dress from the oscars four years ago, and two, that i think i prefer this one?

as for the bad dresses, WHAT WAS CHARLIZE THERON THINKING when she donned this dior dress?

and there's also the question of amanda seyfried's rather...elizabethan?... take on the oscars.  i can't decide whether or not i like the result.  i think i do not.

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