Saturday, March 27, 2010

spring break, part 1

movies i got to see during spring break:

AN EDUCATION - wow, carey mulligan was brilliant! (and that guy super creepy...)  and while the plot managed to be frustrating enough, it wasn't one of those "downer" movies.  the ending was actually pretty satisfying.  too bad the player on the airplane was kind of broken so the sound kept on blipping on and off for the first hour.

oh, and the costumes...i would wear half those dresses if i could...there's an interesting blog about it here.

THE GLORIOUS 39 - quite the thriller! kept me on the edge of my seat...

NEW MOON - this time it wasn't even laughable.  i felt like punching bella in the face.  and the end...what was that??!

THE YOUNG VICTORIA - the best! because even though an education left me satisfied, it didn't leave me particularly happy...well, not like the young victoria made me happy at the end, because it's sad thinking about how albert dies relatively young.  still, emily blunt was amazing. as was rupert friend as albert (much more likeable than wickham!).  i loved victoria's rebellious nature, their first awkward meeting, the relationship between albert and his brother...and now i've fallen back in love with schubert's standchen, featured prominently in the soundtrack.  so romantic.

and and and AND the costumes truly were gorgeous.  once again, i'm glad sandy powell got the oscar :)

her original concepts -

my favorite - 

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