Sunday, February 7, 2010

let them wear saab.

i've been having lots of fun thumbing through all the hello magazines that my mom brought back for me from england - which brought to my attention (along with the latest WAG gossip) elie saab's spring 2010 collection - with a fairy tale theme. and i love love love LOVE the dresses.

i haven't always been such a fan of the giant slits in the dress, but, well, the model can certainly pull it off even if some celebrities cannot, and this certainly caught my eye.

loving the asymmetrical straps (do these even qualify for straps?  they are far too lovely to deserve such a commonplace name).  it's more like...non-drapey drapery.

and this one...i love how these dresses can be long, yet so flowy and elegant at the same time.

saab has managed to do what cavalli could not in virgin territory - create long, romantic-inspired gowns with a modern twist (without making them look too trampy).

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