Tuesday, February 9, 2010

how to string a bow

first day of P.E. classes for the new quarter!  the topic for me - stringing a bow - in archery, that is.  i'm not sure learning how to string a violin bow, for example, is a great way to spend a class that is supposed to be focused on physical education.  so anyway, for half an hour i got to string and un-string my bow with a handy little, um, bow-stringer, contraption, something that fascinated me quite a bit.  and then came the harder part - doing it without the stringer thing.  which means doing strange things involving sort of stepping into the bow and putting pressure on it with your legs, while using your hands and arm strength to try to put the darn string into the notch thing and hoping that it doesn't snap back...well, anyway, i survived and hopefully i will remember what i learned on wednesday!

i have a feeling i'll be thinking about robin hood quite a bit this quarter.

unfortunately the probability of being cool like robin hood is just as low as being able to shoot two arrows at the same time, like...(wait for it!)...legolas.

on the ladies side, though, keira knightley is, uh, WOMANNNN!!!!

warning: buff-ness is kind of required for something like this (and therefore "something like this" is most definitely out of the question for me).  i will go instead for the ladylike grace of gwyneth paltrow's emma.

but for now (and a very long time, probably), i shall probably be tending more towards the theme of anne hathaway and her bad aim in princess diaries (before the hot guy comes along).

let's just hope it never gets as bad as, well, that unfortunate incident concerning bianca's misdirected arrow in ten things i hate about you.

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