Wednesday, February 3, 2010

reflections on a water bottle.

first day of intro to architectural design studio!  i. am. so. freaking. excited.  well, maybe i'm a little bit freaking out, too.  it's gonna be so intense.  but i guess with great intensity comes great perks...getting our own desks, for example.  and these are really legit architecture studio desks, too.

soooo, as i contemplate the complexities of architectural design, my mind returns to something a little less architecturally-related but design related, anyway.  the wonders of the Ty Nant water bottle.  i actually have one sitting on my desk, right now. (i only have one).  it's supposed to resemble a melting piece of ice, and it feels so nice and smooth to the hand, as well.  quite a pleasant change from the old ribbed kind by crystal geyser and such.  we have Ross Lovegrove to thank for that (the same guy who designed the apple imac).


  1. omg!!! it totally looks like melting ice, genius!

  2. yes!!! a whole new way to motivate people to start drinking water!