Saturday, February 6, 2010

seeing red.

after a horrendous week of scheduling issues, things seem to be smoothing out a bit.  plus, i watched project runway on thursday, and that just makes everything better.

i'm so glad amy won!

so this brings me to the subject of red dresses that i like quite a bit.

there is, of course, the vera wang dress that keira knightley wore to the 2006 oscars.  it's not exactly red, but somewhat it that range, so i'll make it count.  i admit, this dress was not love at first sight, but it definitely grew on me.  and vera wang is just awesome like that.  however, i'm still not seeing the complete relation between the dress and john singer sargent's infamous painting of madame x.

i think the red bustle dress from bram stoker's dracula makes it up there, too.  i have yet to see the movie, and do not particularly wish to see it (except for the morbid curiosity in a little part of me), but the detail on this dress is exquisite.  i can't believe women used to wear dresses like this.

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