Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MIT FAST - SOFT rockers

by Sheila Kennedy, P. Seaton, S. Rockcastle, W. Inam, A. Aolij, J. Nam, K. Bogenschutz, J. Bayless, M. Trimble

These are the most awesome rockers everywhere...they have solar panels that provide power for charging electronic devices!  I wouldn't mind having one of those in my backyard.  Actually, it doesn't even need to be solar-powered.  They are soooo comfortable to sit in.

It's too bad that the rockers were removed at the end of the weekend.  I only just discovered them last week (that part of campus is out of the way from most of my classes), and waited till the absolute last day to take pictures in it...

hello feet!  (hello iPod charger that somebody left inside....).  hello cool strip of light lining the inside of the rocker.


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