Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MIT FAST - no lights now

The evenings during the weekends were amazing because all the special FAST lights went up.  The festival was centered on the river, and as I walked back from Boston on the Charles Bridge on Saturday night I was lucky enough to see it.  Unluckily, I didn't have my camera on me.  And on Sunday night...well, I didn't really have the energy to go out again and take pictures.  (Darn weather...had it been warmer, I probably would have gone).

Liquid Archive - floating inflatable screen providing a backdrop for projections that highlight MIT's history in science, technology, and art - by Nader Tehrani and Gediminas Urbonas.

I didn't actually witness these projections for myself, as I was sitting in my room by the time it got dark enough for the projections to begin.

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