Saturday, January 29, 2011

one year

wow - hard to believe that I've been on this blog for a year now!

I started out this blog just for me.  I wanted a way to record the things that inspired me.  As the year went on, what was supposed to be art and fashion that appealed to me expanded to become a record of exciting (and not so exciting) things that happened in my life.  Music.  Walks on the beach.  Sewing projects, successful or otherwise.  And yes, even a scientific post about the eye and visual fields.  So what a surprise that some people (if even a few) actually read this blog!

vivo per lei may be all over the place, but it is most definitely me.  And now that it's all over the place, I'm keeping it that way.

To those who continue following, thank you.  I like sharing a little bit of my life with whoever is curious enough :)

(And followers beware of multiple attempts of mine to impress my musical tastes upon you).

Oh, it comes!

not the original version, of course, but I really like it!  Andrea Bocelli, Hayley Westenra, AND ice skating!  What more can a girl ask?

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