Friday, January 21, 2011

girl in translation

just finished reading this book.  and just wanted to say, it was AMAZING.

The book tells the tale of Kimberly Chang, a young girl who moves to Brooklyn from Hong Kong with her mother.  Kimberly is very intelligent, but she barely speaks English, lives in a terrible apartment (no heat, broken windows, cockroaches and mice) and must help her mother out working at the factory (a sweatshop, managed by her aunt and uncle who....don't act like very nice family at all!).  The plot ostensibly revolves around - can Kimberly succeed in school enough to get out of this place?  However, there are the other topics of loyal and understanding friends. and love.

Love is what really got me at the end of the book.  I seriously started bawling.

But I better not give away the book!  All I will say is that it is beautifully written (and Cantonese speakers will feel a special connection to it), and infused with just enough happiness and hope to counterbalance the heartbreak.  Perfect.

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