Tuesday, September 28, 2010

addicted to distractions/unfinished birds

I decided that it's high time to start filling up those empty curtain-hooks over my window.

With a bird-mobile.

Meaning, I get to cut out the same bird motif over and over again (in cereal box-type cardboard), glue string through the center, and sandwich the string by gluing on a cutout of newspaper on top.

And then painting it with gold acrylic paint.

Quite therapeutic work, actually.

And I think it will be pretty calming to look at when I finish.  The goal is to fill up as many curtain hooks as I can with these strings of birds, without making it look like my window has been completely invaded, say, by a flock of (highly stylized and rather small) birds flying south for the winter.

I'm excited.

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