Sunday, February 20, 2011

how to spend it; bonnie wright and the v&a

Just came across an interesting photoshoot via this lovely pre-raphaelite website, the beautiful necessity.  Apparently the V&A will be having an exhibit on the Aesthetic Movement - and this is sort of a get-you-interested kind of thing.  Feature website how to spend it.

Now a few things about this kind of bothered me - I didn't really like Bonnie Wright's makeup that much (the lipstick I understand...but I think they got a little too excited with the eyeshadow!), and besides, I don't think she quite has a Pre-Raphaelite chin.

Nevertheless, I still really liked the images as a whole - especially these two.

the said Pre-Raphaelite chin - a.k.a the distinct profile of Jane Burden Morris, the muse of Dante Gabriel Rossetti...and William Morris....

(by Rossetti)


  1. Thanks for the Pre-Raphaelite chin pic...I couldn't figure out if you meant small and pointy or prominent...

    I've never seen this Bonnie Wright photoshoot. :)

  2. i remember once in art class my teacher told this girl she had a pre-raphaelite chin. i've been fascinated by them ever since :P

  3. haha. i'm intrigued. i should learn the different chins. profiles fascinate me.

  4. i love profiles. plus it's so much easier to draw profiles of people that actually look like them.