Thursday, November 11, 2010

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

First of all, happy Veterans/Remembrance Day and may I say that this is an excellent song!

Second - no morning MFA trip for me :(  Turns out, the Americans Abroad exhibition that I was so excited to see is not open yet.  Earlier the website had said it was opening on 11 Nov; now it says it's opening on the 20th.  So that's when I will be going!  Still annoyed about that bit....but at least when I go, I will be seeing the NEW MFA, in its entirety!  Their Art of the Americas Wing opens to members tomorrow, but not to the public until...also, 20 Nov. (Oh my goodness, it's going to be absolutely MANIC there!!!).  Until then, I shall be in anticipation!  53 new galleries, and over 5,000 works of art displayed.

So, instead of a museum trip, I had a little shopping outing this morning.  Grocery shopping, that is.  A 35 minute walk to Chinatown, where they have the freshest and cheapest produce that I know.  Oh, and I was going to take the T on the way back, but it was such a lovely day, I needed the exercise, and....well, you see so much more walking than you do taking trains underground.

Speaking of seeing things - not one, not two, but FOUR Vespas on the way back (totally made my morning) - two yellow ones (both within a block of each other), a red one, and a very luxe cream one.  I couldn't resist stopping to take a picture (groceries and all) of the first yellow one.....a bad picture, but a picture all the same.

oh, and how the autumn-y morning walk looked down Boyleston St -

Well, the brownies in the oven are calling me - off to get my chocolate fix of the day!

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