Wednesday, April 7, 2010

lovely distractions.

what i did today, besides walk around boston for three and half hours in 90-degree weather (yes, my lovely architecture professor had the bright idea of taking another "field trip" tour from haymarket all the way to the ica to see parks and talk about, guess what, architecture...i was too busy melting to actually take any pictures of that):

why, make myself a ring, of course!

it's like friendship bracelet style, alternating knotted and a braid thing too...all made out of tea bag strings!  (yes, i do actually have things like that lying around my room). it's kind of ugly, actually, but a nice five-minute distraction from work.

it just looks like a ratty piece of string from a distance (wait, it IS a ratty piece of string....)
actually, it kind of reminds me of mercedes' ring from the movie version of the count of monte cristo. unfortunately mine has no sentimental reason to it whatsoever.

"i told you that night on the rocks, remember, that it would never leave my finger? and it never has."

AWWW. too bad there wasn't such a happy ending in the book...


  1. hi, i need to know how you made this ring? please:)

    1. Hi Faruk, so sorry I just saw this comment!
      I think this website has a good tutorial: The pattern I used was "basic stripes."
      I don't remember exactly, but I recall using 3 strands (to make an extra-skinny ring). I braided for about a centimeter, then worked the knot pattern for a little over a centimeter, and finished the last part with a braid, again.
      I used strings from old tea bags, but embroidery floss would work very well, too (probably better, in fact).