Friday, January 29, 2010

the first!

woohoo. i've decided to start blogging. as desperate mit student by day (...and night), and, well, hopefully less desperate in the intervals (which are painfully few and far between), my alter ego is now complete. i'm not quite sure if this is a good idea yet. as if i need something else to distract me, right? well, it's too late now, i guess. which brings me to the whole purpose of my new...project.

vivo per lei. (not just music, but art in general).

funny story about that. english translation: i live for her. of course, it probably took me over a year to figure out that "her" refers to "music." um, yeah, that probably explains some of those otherwise-very-strange lyrics.

well, if it's not apparent already, i love this song. good thing for me that there are so many different versions. (bocelli's original italian duet with giorgia, french duet with helene segara, german duet with judy weiss, spanish duet with marta sanchez, and portuguese duet with sandy). it goes without saying that i have all of these versions, save for the portuguese. and for this disgraceful shortage i blame the shamefully ill-stocked american itunes store.

i still say the italian version is the best, though.

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